Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all

What was Easter weekend for me growing up

A Saturday morning trip with my dad to Delaney street..

Lower Manhattan east side to get a nice suit for church . dinner than maybe adventures inn in Queens NY for amusement .

But what does Easter really mean for Christians ?for its a christians holiday

It’s the beginning of Christianity for The message of Jesus was written and approved .. why ? He resurrected like he said and they had to believe him ..

How many of us inside need to resurrect ourselves for we are still dead spiritually ?

Church or a help group will help .but what will help the most is a mirror ! We need to self search and see within what is keeping our lives from growing spiritually

For if you haven’t cleaned up the past the spirit can’t Enter and give the power you need to fight the impulses that keep you from growing .. take today not to show off nice clothes but to write in paper your issues and show God the impulses that you have and ask to take them away

Root and branch… amen

TG .

AA 12 steps

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