The Light

The light comes through a man’s window and tells him “wake up it’s a new day”.

Then man says “What for it’s just another day of problems and bills”

The light than replies: “It’s not my fault you took on too much”

The man says: “please help me why don’t you help me”

The light goes away and the man is sitting there in darkness waiting for the light to come back to him. The days fly by and nothing happens so the man start’s to wonder did he chase away his only hope. The wall of problems start to fall and his life is in disarray. The man starts ‘to pray and the light doesn’t show. He cries and cries and nothing happens. He start’s to lose faith and the anger appears. Furious he is, for the forces of evil are now in control of his emotions. He is now mad at the world and feels like he has made a big mistake in this faith thing. A few days later he goes to his office and takes out a piece of paper and starts to write everything that has happen. He starts to put together a plan of action that will bring him back to where he wants to be. While his hands shake and the negativity grows he manages to put a great plan together. He starts to follow his plan with little faith but he tries. Little by little he start’s to grow and gets to where he wants to be. The man’s faith comes back and he start’s to grow and the anger disappears.The light shows back up.

light says “Welcome back I’m glad to see you”?
The man says “you abandon me why are you here?”
The light says “I never abandon you – you abandoned yourself from the tools I gave you. your soul, heart, and brain, use it wisely and you will see how all your dreams will come true”.
The man say’s “Thank you for reminding me that I’m responsible for my actions not you.
The light says “you’re welcome”.
By Tyrone Garcia ; Author of the book “ Soap That doesn’t clean available on e-book and any online book sales…

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