Change is needed

Today is Sunday a beautiful day !

How many will fill the churches with their happy spirited selves ? Or nice clothes with a phony smile still living in the past full of character defects that have not been attended to ??!

Nothing can change your past !! Only you .

Self appraisal of oneself is the only way to walk to streets with confidence that you are a real clean spirit ready to fight and understand when the devil or the world taunts you into you weakness ..

in order to have the power of God, universe , Holy Spirit etc you have to take a step forward and change .. don’t do what u want to do… do what you don’t want to do …. is how we change …once we do that the power of God comes and we see ourselves living our lives better .we are not fighting impulse anymore we have become naturally connected to the spirit of happiness so long as we stay in fit spiritual condition …

AA 12 steps ….or New Testament

Change and humility was Jesus biggest message to all ..

Amen ….

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