Guardian Angel

20140403-233913.jpg I remember when a young child my mother always told me about an angel that protects me. I never saw one but believed they exist. I would have faith that nothing can happen to me, because of the angels. How funny that is because the angels never stopped me of making mistakes, but they would protect me from death. I say death because when young there were many times that I was confronted with a gun to my face living in the hood. Neither time was the trigger pulled. That was the 70s and early 80s. I grew up to outlive and leave the hood into a more suburban life. However my angels are still with me they continue to let me make mistakes, but always protecting me. This past summer while driving on a road I decided to make a u-turn and was going to continue turning. I paused and stooped at the same time a truck flew right by me. If I would off continue to turn I wouldn’t be writing here tonight. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be cocky with death like situations. I never saw an angel, but I have seen some kind of energy forming in front of me in the past. When I was in Cypress a country between Turkey and Greece. I rented a hotel room with a view of the mountains. I started meditating and when I opened my eyes I saw some type of manifestation off a spirit. I quickly jumped! for I never saw anything like that. I went back into the room and became very nervous. Within a few minutes I was calm and wrote it in my journal. I felt kind of foolish for getting scared, but It did get me by surprise. I believe that there are some types of energy that protect us. Maybe not for all for if you don’t believe you will never encounter them. In science they can rationalize it by saying I was hallucinating which I wasn’t. I will just keep my faith by saying they were. We believe in many things that we never seen before, but we have faith in them. Believe it or not an affirmation programmed to the human brain can make anything happen. I do and I will never stop believing. This picture I took in Venice Italy in 1996 it looks like a face this is real.
May your dream come alive in 2014
By Tyrone Garcia

One thought on “Guardian Angel

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