Kids and technology


This is a two year old child plying with an I-pad which is not a toy but a small computer which can do many things. Even watch cartoons. The baby girl is scrolling through the computer like an adult would to find information.Its to tell you how rapidly children are growing and technology is in the lives of our children.It can be a good and could be bad,it depends on how the parents control the situation. To me a 52 year old man I see younger people today in and day out relying on texting, or using social websites to meet people and socialize. That’s OK if you know them but we are meeting people online and they can be someone else. Social web sites just ask for a picture and an e-mail,which means anybody can portray who ever they want. The old days of face to face socializing or even talking on the phone are dying down little by little or at least until everybody has face time available on their phone.. But the computer world is in full force and taking over and the tots are involved. pretty soon your child of 4 will be texting his friend in Arizona and humans will grow faster intellectually because of all the information they will be getting while being on the computer. The best thing parents can do is guide them correctly and make sure they only see the positives and not the negatives. Before I close I would like to share the experience I’m having with my granddaughter which is the girl in the picture, whenever we get a call on our iphone she is right there to grab it away from you and if you don’t give it to her she goes through a rampage. We are trying to discipline her but it’s getting to the point where we have to hide our phones. How addiction can start at an early age. get the iphone rehab ready
By Tyrone Garcia

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