Trees never stop growing

Today I was sitting in the park relaxing before going to work. I start to notice the beautiful trees and nature in front of me. I thought of how nature confronts just as many obstacles in their life as we do. Man builds for his greedy needs and cuts them down and builds buildings, parks, roads, Neighborhoods, power lines, and the list goes on. However the tress and nature continue to grow and never stops growing. Its only focus is growth, and if you kill them the ones who remain continue the plan with no procrastination. The human deals with bills, marriage, bosses, and life, giving up on their goal. Life brings many obstacles and yes there are hard, but growth is something we must continue to have for our goals are not easy. They can be but society makes it hard on us. But don’t the trees have it harder? Their obstacle most of the time is death. I will sum up this thought with this: grow with your eyes closed and your mind open and you will see the root of your life always strong.
By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book
“Soap That doesn’t Clean’


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