Why do people avoid the people who care about them and chase the ones who avoid them?

Interesting it is for I have seen many fooled into this terrible trait. The struggle to win can lead to a terrible ordeal of moral abandonment. We become blind to the truth and denial sets in: then we find ourselves in a relationship of falseness. The darkness within becomes stronger for our ego has been struck with reality, but we stay delusional to the matter in hand. Insanity sets in for everyone is telling you the truth, but you don’t want to stop trying to change an unchangeable situation. How deep is the abyss of false hope especially when it’s bottomless? The journey starts to have obstacle after obstacle and you see no way of winning. The sound of your peers start to make sense and you pause your run. The realization comes into your mind like a comet striking a planet. You awaken and say “ah yes I’m going in the wrong direction” Hoorayyy life gets better because you dropped the dragon into a pool of “See Ya” and decided to move on to better things. Who are we to change the world when we have so much to change within ourselves?  Chase those who care about you and want to grow and be honest, not those who will not budge from their ignorance. For if you stooped drinking and tried to help another who don’t want to stop, you will wind up like that person. Keep life positive especially the people in your circle. We should always try to help, but not at the expense of being a fool….

May your Dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia

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