A afternoon prayer Today after lunch I saw Catholic Church and I decided to walk into it..its been such a long time so I lit a candle and I start to pray for all the great things God has given me .I know we all have different churches we go to even myself I’ve been involved in the apostolic church ,but after my 26 years of sobriety and my full life for 57 years. being raised in the Catholic Church with my parents and being part of so many religions walks ..I believe everybody’s is after the same thing at the end of the day !!peace within their hearts and a great understanding or life and learning how to Grow there faith in God ..you can look for excuses all you want ,but there’s just too many different types of cultures . My experience tells me this !!if your heart is happy, joyous and free !!! you have faith in God then you’re in the right place … Amen…

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