Action needed 

Sometimes we pray,sometimes we fight, and sometimes we cry,for the life we are looking for takes time!! ….We sit back and wonder why the things we ask for hasn’t manifested in our lives!! We wait for a calling or some kind of spirit miracle to make our dreams come true. But in the end it never comes!!The problem is: once you ask the first time you don’t continue asking. For the universe will look at you as a confused spirit and treat you that way. Our goals are challenged because we are to busy giving the negative a lot of energy.. We must chase and make our dream a reality even when everyone else thinks it’s not. We need the patience to allow the universe to align our lives so it can bring us happiness, peace , and prosperity..

Everything we ask for can become real, but it starts with our faith and our dedication to make it happen….”faith without works is dead “Big book 

God bless 

Tyrone G 

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