Wild in the streets

The streets have become wild with people killing just to satisfy the anger within. After century’s of abusive relationship between black and white people it looks like it has finally hit the high point of terror . However I do believe something sinister is behind all this for we Americans just can’t find a way to be grateful to live in a country that you can throw food away and have more if you want. It’s funny ! as many churches and Christian lives we have we still can get it together . It looks like our phony ways have come to prove once and for all we are not the greatest country in the world. When law enforcement can’t do a simple job like pull over someone with a smart mouth or not and give them a traffic ticket or arrest them in a decent way you lose control and the trust of society . I remember since being a kid growing up in New York cops were always being abusive towards blacks and Latinos,and poor whites so this isn’t new. The problem is nobody never gave a dam or did anything to fix this problem. Now what do we do ? I feel bad for all the people who have died in the pat couple of days including the cops that were killed in Dallas.

Why must the devil always be a problem in our society? Remember people it’s not the color who is the enemy it’s the evil

Spirit who hides behind that color which is 

God Bless

Tyrone G 

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