1 year in Cali 

It’s been a year that I have Been in Cali and I can say that it has been great. Ive gotten married to my beautiful gift Jessica!! baptized , visited Mexico,And learned about the real Mexican culture and food. My experience here has been amazing!! unfortunately the position I was suppose to have with my job transfer never panned out,as of today, but I’m grateful that I did have a job to survive for that has been the way it’s been. However I have learned and picked up some new ideas that I will implement. as I feel a strong call within for Bussiness. God takes us places for us to understand what he has installed for us. I see myself again in Bussiness soon somewhere, but I needed to learn how to be a better Bussiness man. For I have hit a high note in my life once that I can shake and I will follow the currents to where God will lead me and my family. I thank the companies that gave me the management positions to see what’s corporate America does to be successfulI’m talking in faith!!! for faith is all we have in this world and my experience verifies it strongly. 

God bless 


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