a thought 

Good morning my FB friends and family 
Life sometimes can bring many challenges we have no other choice but to deal with them. What happens when you get tired and don’t want to deal with it anymore! You most likely will fall into another challenge maybe even worse… The reason being is the challenges of life is part of the journey you have to walk in order to reach your goal. The goal in life is to be happy joyous and free.. Free from the challenges you faced growing up and to help the young ones get through the same challenges a little better. We don’t get old we get wise… Life is a circle you put out your arms and reach someone, then it goes around and comes back to you so what you teach is what you live…. We should. All chase happiness and that only cost us a proper attitude nothing else. We create the world we live in with our thoughts and our actions. God has given us the act of free will so our decisions are for us to deal with not to pass on back to God for we all have to learn that life is not a game we play it’s an adventure that can be good or bad it’s always up to us….. 

Tyrone Garcia

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