miracles happen

A short storyMiracles happen

There once was a family who had very little time to find a place to live. They all had made terrible financial mistakes in the past so every landlord was rejecting them… Christmas was coming and the little family of 6 was worried of where will they start there new year. The head of the family one day prayed hard and begged God for help he himself was expecting no problems, but also struggled in the past which affected him.. Bless there heart there were all so happy and never cared about how poor they lived as long as they had each other. One night a spirit came into his room where he slept and the spirit told him that all his wishes had been granted and his final wish was in its way not to worry…several days later the family came into a fortune of money that allowed them to purchase the home of their dream. Later on the humble family decided to volunteer themselves to help people that suffered from the Same problems and they were successful and prospered even more. They started their own little village and called it 

Miracles happen…….

By Tyrone Garcia…..

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