dream on 

The life of a dreamer is unrealistic they dream and dream and everyone just feels there wasting there time. A dream or thought off something unrealistic is considered a person just being delusional about something they won’t never get unless they either have the funds or or a great paying job that can make sense for someone to afford their dream.. But here’s my argument.. We go to church every week and read bibles praying to a God we never seen or talk to. we believe in scriptures written by people!! heaven knows who they were, but we follow and believe and for some of us our gratitude is given for all the great things we have from this belief. What’s the difference faith is believing not seeing which means when we pray for something it’s the same as dreaming for something… Sometimes we don’t get it ,but sometimes we do.. The difference is how much do you believe in your faith and if your life is so direct with no imagination or adventure than what’s the sense of even living …the imagination is what has built our technology and giving us more life to live in a easier way. our dreams built Disney world were we go to enjoy our time off with the kids. Our thoughts have created our lives where today we stand. To dream is to believe and create the wonderful world we want to live in.. The actions we take along with our belief in God or your higher power is where it all becomes a realistic chance of it happening….Tyrone Garcia 

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