Struggle Brings Success…

I like to think that the bad things that happen to us in life are lessons to make us better. We strive on success but the horrors of failure must endure in our lives. Why must we I ask? For the struggle of daily life is enough off a burden to deal with. You see some people float through life without a scratch and you see yourself struggling with everything you encounter. What I have witness is that those who struggle to find their happiness usually deal with their short comings better than those who floated through life. I like to say that the ex-junkie is more spiritual than the one who never made a mistake and has been in the church since day one. I like to share a short story.

There was once a man who couldn’t get it right. He was always hitting bottom and was left for dead for he felt he was worthless. The people turned their back on him and just let him be. The man walked through life wondering when he will be saved from himself. One day as he looked down into the abyss he was about to jump into a spirit came and talked him out of it. He ran like a little boy looking for his mother in the dark. He stopped and another spirit grabbed him and touched his heart and said “let me guide you from now on” the man said “why!! I’m worthless said he with a great loud cry!!!    The spirit said “because your education is now over and it’s time for you to go into the world and teach for I have chosen you over all the others”

By Tyrone Garcia   My last Book  “The Text” is available at Amazon kindle….

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