A change of Mind

Everyone needs allot of time to take in the good things and the bad. Sometimes we have experiences that where terrible but were they? I think so!  for at times we need a good slap in the face to see what we really want. We find ourselves in relationships that put us in a position to ask ourselves how did this happen? What in the world did I see in this person that caused me to go after them? You see yourself trying to save a giant nothing for your not even in-love you’re just hanging on to see if something good happens. But the results are the same and you start to think maybe it’s me? Maybe I need to change so that everything can be set and make sense. You try that for awhile and you get the same results nothing. You start to ask questions to family, friends, pastors, you may even try to blame the devil, but at the end the results are still the same. You than receive that e-mail, a dishonest act or a terrible message that makes your head turn like the girl who played in the movie the exorcist a complete round turn off confusion. You wake up and say I’m definitely in the wrong place. You then start to give to God your dreams you don’t change who you are you just allow faith to take care of your hopes and dreams. All of a sudden everything that comes into your life starts to work better and you’re now with someone who you really love not just infatuated with. The sun starts to shine and a new you rises and for some crazy reason you’re finally happy…

By. Tyrone Garcia. My book ‘The Text” is available on Amazon kindle for 1.00

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