wake up People

Happy Puerto Rican day.I hear the island is going through allot of financial hardship and all I see is Puerto Ricans blaming Puerto Ricans….maybe that has really been our downfall that we come to the mainland the U.S. And instead of staying who we are we want to become like the ones who oppress and took our island away and now that it’s in trouble the great U.S. Has turned there back on us and trying to now go destroy Cuba. Why do Latinos period !!!!renounce their beautiful culture to accept the capitalist mentality of being selfish and evil.. I’m for capitalism.. but not at the price of people starving living on the streets and no education or medial assistance for all people .For capitalism is like the game of pac-man It continues to eat away till there is nothing left.. For even a richer man needs a less richer man to cut his grass and help him to stay rich,but how long will that last when the lesser richer man continues to become less and less until he and cannot survive


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