When I look back at my life i see  many reasons for me to be happy. I remember the fun times and the bad ones but most importantly I remember my family who I grew up with. My brothers, sister, and parents. It was like yesterday we were all together living and dealing with  daily life in Bronx River housing projects.It  wasn’t an  upper middle class life, but it was my middle class for the love and culture was exploding  throughout the neighborhood.Our vacations weren’t to Disney world they were bus rides to upstate New York. The whole neighborhood went..  We all had much fun on our one day vacation with our  family and friends. Life wasn’t as difficult for our families for we accepted our place in society and was happy with it. I sometimes ask myself what happened? as I look around two of my brothers gone and my parents where did everyone go. Little by little everything has changed. Our procrastination to visit family thinking they be around for us to see is no loner here. How many times I put off visits and phone calls thinking I had  time to do it later? Wow what a mistake to make.. My memories is all I have for me to relive whats not alive anymore. For my golden days of living in the hood are gone and so my thoughts are all I have left of those great days. I guess the real riches of life is home..

By Tyrone Garcia

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