Power to all the people 

As I walked last night in Town center I had two visions one is for myself, but the other I will share. I see all this fighting all this hate developing over black and white…Last night I saw black people white people, yellow people ,brown people ,red people ,and in my mind they all looked the same they all had their dinners and fun and some where together yes some cops have stirred up some problems ,but to me I see a different enemy and it’s not white people!!! For white people also are struggling in a America there are white women with black children and black women with white children. Racism has always been the strategy of the real culprit behind this..So people be careful for our real fight should be about soaring housing prices low salaries that are not comparable to the cost of living. Lol  when the people fight each-other the real villain is getting away with murder open your eyes people you are all being fooled….. For at the end all the people will need to stand together to fight this villain or we will all be slaves all of us..  “Power to the people “meant all people just not one type…..


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