The mom 

The life of a single mother is the hardest job on the planet. Every mom should receive a diploma for every year she get through raising her beloved children alone. The man who left her to deal with this should be condemned as a man and lose every privilege he has. The mother works, cooks, provides love, compassion, a home, a car, vacations, her mine and her life. The sacrifices are overwhelming yet she does it day in a day out. I admire every women who does this and If I could I would split myself up in millions so they shouldn’t have to deal with the daily life of being mom and pop.  How I wish man will be man and take care of their children and family. There is no excuse for once you bring the children into the world your responsible….. To all the single women with children you are the back bone of the world and I bow my head down to you…
Tyrone Garcia

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