Greed kills

When I wake up in the morning I feel life, i see the sun,and i see reality.I have lived through so many hard times that I cant bare to have another. The world is so full of hate, and monetary problems that I feel we live in a turbulence of socialistic mishaps. I some times look for that escape hatch that will lead me to salvation. Salvation !!!  is there such a word that exist ? Maybe for those who control the world there’s   salvation, but not for the common people of the world. We Americans   for many years in the past tried  to fight a thing called communism, but we almost live a form of communism today. For a large amount of the people cant save a dime. They work all week and barely have a dime left for savings maybe still short for the over charged rent they have to pay.. Wow how the great US  has changed the social lives of many. We live payday to payday and if you miss one you are in the streets.  How did it come to this? greed trying to squeeze as much out of the people they can.. I pray and hope that one day everybody wakes up and smells the money problems we are sinking deeper and deeper to.I myself live daily on the faith that God will take care of me even when I see myself down and out that’s all we really have left just plan old hope.So when I go to sleep I dream of happier times ahead and create the world i rather live in. The world of compassion, love, and happiness for all….

BY Tyrone Garcia…..

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