Skeptics live in denial.

The words and actions off a person can surely do them in if not careful. It takes a million nice things to before your trusted and one bad thing till you’re looked at as bad. I remember raising my kids I would tell my wife it takes thousands of hours to keep your kids away from drugs, gangs, and the horrors of the streets, but it only takes a street thug or drug dealer two minutes to change what you have taught them. We live our lives every day in fear even when we know the person our doubt can be so controlling that we can spend our lives in a whirlpool of uncontrollable skepticism…. When are we who live in this strong Christian nation actually going to walk in faith? If you’re too nice something is wrong, if you’re bad no problem we believe you… The world is so full of negative vibes that it’s all we believe in even when miracles are happening right before our eyes. People are always waiting for something wrong to happen even  when things are just too good to be true. What ever happen to the people who just believe in good things do come to those who want it!!   For many years I lived in anger and disbelief thinking that my life would be condemned to one place for miracles didn’t happen, life is pure logic and reality.

Than how did I go from strung out in the streets of New York to travel the world become a business man, writer, successful father, store manager, and the list can continue… My life has seen so many changes that there’s  nothing in this world that  can make me feel negative about anything good happening to me even if it blows up in my face later.. I will always love and believe that all good things that come to me are real and will never question it. For if I believe in God then I have nothing to worry about. Fear will never rule my world and I will seek happiness even if I have to move mountains to get it…..

Have a great evening

Tyrone Garcia

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