A day In church

A day or an hour in the church on Sunday is always so rejuvenating for my soul

As I listen to the preacher speak my mind doses off and my thoughts start to come at me in a burst of words. I ask myself am I correct or am I wrong? I hear the preacher a little and go back to my thoughts; I start to feel that in that short time I can take a look at myself and wonder if my world is compatible to the preachers preaching? I guess it is for God is speaking to me at the same time and opening my thoughts so I can analyze. The church is always talking about heaven and hell, but my thoughts talk about the here and now. The first thing I ask, is my heart in the right place? is my honesty working? and am I just making a fool of myself. I see my past of 54 years and in that my life has been a journey of happiness, and sadness, mistakes, failures, and once in a while a very good decision. I start to believe that I’m on the right track for we all have to carry our cross in order to achieve paradise. I continue to be the same person no matter what happens and how wrong people do me, for what will save me in life is not lack of committing sins, that’s impossible!  But how much I love and how much I love enough to be honest even when sometimes you hurt someone with your honest feelings. We’re all mortal and we will make terrible mistakes that will affect others, but just like Jesus  sacrificed  his life to teach others to always follow your destiny so will I. I always believe that life isn’t fair, but what’s not fair is when you shut yourself down from your dream for the words of others. We all have a dream that we follow and sometimes it can be selfish, “but what is a life if there is no happiness for all”….. For even the ones who don’t want to let go should and after awhile they too will find out that it was destiny.  for the real beginners of Christianity said no one knows where there go heaven or hell, but for me we make heaven and hell right here on earth……….

By Tyrone Garcia May you all have a blessed day

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