a poem for who ever wants it

The night is here alone I am with the thoughts of a love one

How I wish she was here for me to touch, to feel. To love

Why o why must I wait for my love for my love has me inpatient!!

I will not wait I will run like a roaring lion to get my love!!

I’m leaving today because I want to see her tomorrow..

But as I rush out the door in a frenzy of love for my girl..

I remember one thing!! It not time yet, for I must wait and allow the universe

To prepare this special union of Tyrone and Jessica, I will tie myself down

And follow the rules of the universe. For if I seek love without fulfilling

What I need to fulfill first. I can destroy everything. For “patience is virtue”

And to run like a crazed bear is to live like a hermit..

I will wait my love for if to wait is to have you for eternity, than I will

Stifle. I will take this time to prepare my love for when I arrive it will feel

Like a storm of good spiritual wind and we both will be pure love..

Tyrone Garcia….

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