A dream 

Dreams are they just that a dream or can dreams actually become a reality? They say in the law of attraction that we are what our thoughts are. We as children sat around always talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up. Unfortunately many had to take detours for our short comings weren’t part of the conversation. For me I can say I.M a believer in dreams what else do we have in a world of constant bad news and materialism. All we have is our imagination and our creativity, although it was creativity and imagination that  built this world of technology that we have available to us today. Dreams are for those who want change and adventure in life. I as a child dreamed of many things and i can say little by little I have received it. Our thoughts create our future our energy make it a reality we can have anything we want and when the chips are down is when we must work harder. Life is great even when its not going your way its just a bump on the road ….


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