My next trip

They it say “it never rains in southern California” something I look forward to for I will be there soon. Life has taken me to so many places that I have come to the conclusion of just enjoying the ride. “Patience is virtue” they say! I believe that for we make plans to do things, but in the end the universe will put together all our dreams, if we can only sit back and let the miracles of life happen. Since I was a child I have been looking for my place in this world. Where will I go where I? How can I be happy, joyous, and free? I want to live in the fantasy I have always dreamed off!!!  Who cares if I’m not being realistic I can do whatever I want!!  It’s my life to live and my journey to walk. I’m looking for love, I’m seeking happiness and until I am wrapped up in a world of my own and someone else’s fantasy I will walk the earth till I can’t walk anymore. People will live in hell just to support someone’s theory of how it should be. Not me!!  I have my own theory and that’s being happy with the surroundings I hunger for….

Tyrone Garcia.

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