I’m not worthless

The most important education to any human is when a child is developing and learning what they will become in the future. The things adults do is what the child picks up an addition to the surroundings there in. Some kids are abused either mentally or physically and there is the problem. Abuse to a child after a while becomes a normal part of their character. When they become adults they become the same as they were taught starting a thinking pattern that will keep them in the abyss into there are confronted and helped to change. In today’s world there are many problem people not because there bad but because they are just following what they were taught and their children will continue also. When I was in the 1st grade I was forced to sit in a garbage can by my teacher and was told that I am worthless destroying any confidence I had. Even though my parents were good and they tried to teach me I still became rebellious for racism was also part of the problem. I would join gangs, use drugs, drink alcohol, and had no self-esteem whatsoever. I escaped my emotions by using and justifying being nobody and accepted that being a Puerto Rican in America was the bad choice. Having money or living in a good environment wasn’t for me for I feared success. I would live that way until the age of 30. One day I woke up and allowed the hand of God to touch my heart and accepted myself and started to change. Today I’m a writer, college student, and a successful human being period!!!  I raised 3 successful children who I’m very proud off. I owned a business lived in houses and traveled the world making Jerusalem one of my stops. Sister Marylyn I’m not worthless!! I’m a great human being and I have done my part to help society. Being Puerto Rican is my pride but I love and respect every other race of people.. I have no resentments. I hope and pray if anyone is having the same problem say to yourself you are a great shining light of the creator and you count in society.

By Tyrone Garcia

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