False hope

Life has gotten so good that I just skyrocketed into a dimension that only in dream I can believe it can happen. We all like to dream, but how many actually has seen their dreams turn into a reality? We live in this self- realistic world of fear, pain, and torture of our minds. Why not believe that a superior being of the universe can change your short comings? We all pray, but we continue to suffer two minutes after our prayer is done. Why?  because our prayer was false hope not real belief. A prayer is an affirmation of something we want or need.  We affirm what we want to have a new job, friend, husband, wife ETC, but how many times we pray with no real feeling that it will happen? I say to you this stop cutting yourself short of the miracles that are waiting for you to ask for with real feeling not false hope. Pray because you mean it not so you can tell everybody you pray. Go to church because you believe the Holy Spirit is going to save you not to tell everybody you go to church. Do things for you not for show for the universe knows when you are being phony or being truthful? Believe in your thoughts that are positive and you will see yourself rocket into another dimension also..

Tyrone Garcia

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