A Good Deed

In life we have no clue sometimes why we do things. we go with our gut feeling and start to believe we are doing the right thing and sometimes it works out and sometimes it don’t. Nobody is perfect we all fall into the abyss but we do get out learn than move forward. Some people find it amusing some find it sad, whats important is whatever you did as long as you did it from your heart and not having self seeking motives,in the eyes of God you did good. The rewards will come anyway for every good deed you do never goes unpaid. People no matter what the outcome’ will always remember you in the way they met and knew you, they will see the blessings they encountered from you and your life will be blessed… for they laughed, ,joked,and crucified Jesus for saying he was the son of God. But 2000 years later we are still knowledgeable off Jesus and the ones who laughed and joked are not remembered…

By Tyrone Garcia
My book ” The Text” will be out soon…..

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