I’m off today so I will spend my day writing and doing some work on my book. I like to share this morning. I read many post of frustrated people wondering why their lives are so messed up or struggling with a current a problem. All problems are bought on by ourselves.we create them in our minds,with the people we choose to be with in our lives . I wonder how many people actually sit down and meditate on what’s happening in their lives or are they just jumping on the first thing that comes hoping it’s the right decision? I do believe though there are people who love to struggle because they keep making the same mistakes over and over again. But eventually like myself 24 years ago you hit a wall and everything stops and you start to realize that your way of doing things are not going to make you happy.. Why must we hit bottom to open our eyes ? Because some people are mentally sick and don’t know it. When young you develop your morals and thinking patterns for the future and if your surrounding where wrong so will your life be….Sometimes people need to speak to someone to a counselor or someone they can be totally honest with so they can see the real problem in their lives speaking to friends are not an option because the friend can also be part of the problem or may feel hurt by what you have to say so it’s always better to use a counselor …I hope I helped someone today and may you all have a great Sunday. Tyrone Garcia
My book ” The Text” will be out soon

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