The war of life

We try to live life in a fashion where being helpful to other makes the world better. Unfortunately  some people take it for granted. They feel they have a fool so they take advantage of the situation.  And then they try to make you feel like you’re the bad person. Funny it is to me for I myself have seen this situation happen on numerous occasions. What they don’t know is that the one who thinks there getting over always winds up with nothing in the end. And the so called fool has moved on because he/she  took the failure as a learning curve. People are not fools their are patient.  Hoping that they see the brighter side of the situation their in. Sometimes a person does change in this con game their playing and they grow into better people, but usually only once in a while. The only way to win a war is by understanding how the enemy, thinks, feels, and prepares. If he is stronger than walk away, if evenly matched fight. Sun tzu ….It makes more sense to walk away than to fight  useless battle where you know you cant win.This is the same way you live life and deal with everyday people.If when you do feel like you have a burden of a new user in your life fight  them a few rounds than if no change comes knock them out of your life and keep on with your journey. For our energy must be conserved for the better things that are coming for us.

By Tyrone Garcia… My book  ” The Text”   will be out soon…..

Concept map of ancient war by white70WS

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