The Friend-zone

Sometimes you lose friends in your life over stupid reasons and it feels like their are not replaceable because you start to miss all the fun you had with them an addition to the conversations… But several days go by and just like that their replaced by someone maybe even better or more real as a friend .But the way I see it until you breathe your last breath of air and your friend is still with you. you will never know. One of the hardest friendship Is when a man and women become friends.sometimes one of the two may fall for the other and the other wants to keep it friends. That’s the dilemma. I think the friend-zone has brought more ending’s to friendly men and women relationships than any other especially older people trying to handout with today’s new rules.I don’t think two people can ever get so close in relationship than a man and women no attachment friend–zone relationship. I believe there are Friend-zone relationships out here better than marriages.It’s a pity for when two people really enjoy each others companionship you would think it would form the perfect couple. But both really have to be on the same page and usually one is the pillow and the other is the sleeper. and in some situations the user….Have a great evening…

By Tyrone Garcia my book ” The Text” will be out soon

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