Since I hit my 50s I’ve been trying to act like a little kid trying to stay young hanging out with the young people ,but you know it comes to a point in your life where you have to understand that you have to except your age and be proud that you made it that far. You must allow the young people to enjoy their time.The same way we enjoyed ours. my father and mother didn’t understand me when I was young and couldn’t relate ,same thing happens to me now ,it’s a different world out there and the young ones only understand it themselves. there’s a reason why we grow old and it’s because the young people need to rely on us to be the examples of their future not us trying to be in their future, for in the future they will be the old ones and we will pass … If we the older people and wiser people did a good job with the young people ,,we may be able to change this world and make it the Great Place God intended it to be
By Tyrone Garcia

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