The Ego

When you come across a large bump on the road of life that causes you to stand still, analyze it and think what caused the problem. Sometimes we try to blame people for our misfortunes, but unfortunately every messed up situation that you’re involved in happens to be your own fault. We should never force anything that’s not working for us, for in the end you will always get the same results failure. We try to justify our actions only because deep inside we are trying to manipulate everything. We act as if we are just trying to be helpful, but deep inside you’re after something else. It shouldn’t take a terrible ending to tell you that you need to bail out of a something you’re involved in.The mind is amazing the sub-conscious mind is where we are working from, although we don;t know because we are not listening to our intuition. we are listening to our ego.. Sigmund Freud had a theory of the Id, ego, and super-ego all which worked together to help you make better decisions. The three gives us our decisions to want, not want and to make proper decisions in life. It also teaches us to protect and fight for ourselves and demand respect. If we the people learned to spend 15 minutes every morning or evening meditating we will start to learn more about ourselves and also make better decisions instead of running with the first thing that looks good or doable. People that are rich and successful never make quick decisions., on the contrary they pay a whole staff to counsel them on their next business decision. then they sit and think about it. Life is precious and we should never take it for granted for we all have the right and intelligence to have anything we want but we should always respect other people wishes also. I hope tonight i was able to help someone with this post as much as this post has helped me.
By Tyrone Garcia ‘ My new Book The ” The Text ” will be out soon..

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