A lesson well learned

. I have learned so much about people in this last two weeks that i can only say that I’m stunned.. But I guess since I have been out of the ghetto since 1987 I tend to forget that you still have to watch the people you meet. The ghetto is not a neighborhood the ghetto is a mentality. The ghetto only thinks of survival even when it’s dealing with good people. I sometimes wonder myself how could i have been so out of touch with reality when dealing with problem people . Trying to be helpful can really put you in a terrible situation maybe even make you miserable. There was one thing I learned from an alcoholic that I forget. ”
“They will get you drunk
before you get them sober”

the same goes with helping people in every aspect and it should always be men with the men women with the women because there is always that the possibility of getting to close and destroying what you was really trying to do…..
Tyrone Garcia my new book ” The Text” will be out soon

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