Tonight I would like to talk about insecurity. Insecurity is a problem many people have especially people who when young never had any success in anything. They were rejected because of their looks, personality, money and was never good at anything. Kids can be very cruel when competing in sports, or whatever there doing. I remember a young man who struggled with asking girls he liked to be his girlfriend.He was so shy that he was never able to get the girl he wanted. As he got older he stated drinking and using drugs and when He did he was a romeo. He found confidence from the reaction of drugs and alcohol he consumed He eventually changed and got better, but for some reason he still struggle a little with it. Insecure just mean you don’t believe in yourself. You feel your not worthy of anything good that comes your way so you’re satisfied with less. never looking at the big picture on how you can grow. Insecurity is a mental enslavement for you will stay in the abyss for the rest of your life until you awaken and start to continue on your journey. We are all beautiful and we shine when we feel good , ugly fat slow no matter what your dilemma is always believe that you are no different than anybody who is successful.

.By Tyrone Garcia

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