Psyc-101 I would like to give my input on depression. We all know when something goes wrong in our lives like being rejected for another, death, loss of job. no friends, lonely or whatever is the problem your having. I believe that a bad thought can last a lifetime and a good one can last a second. The problem with the emotions that keep us depressed is the feeling that we will never be the same again. We all know this is false, but some things can be real tragic in our lives. I remember when growing up I felt that i will never want to lose my best friend and that we would hangout for ever. That eventually change for I grew and left my neighborhood for another and since everything in my life has changed constantly. The problem is we do get attached to things and cant let go. The best medicine for depression is amnesia if you asked me. However acceptance is always the painful stimuli we all have to work with for life is always changing. The most important thing is to learn to love yourself and never expect anything from anybody only what you can do yourself. We all know that people die, husbands divorce wives, wives divorce husbands credit gets out of hand all things can go haywire in life if not looked at from every side. I leave you this tonight has depression ever brought anything your lost back or paid your bills? no only your acceptance to make a plan has. If your thoughts are positive and stay positive great things will come for our brain is a computer its neurotransmitters detect and send signals through the body and what you put out is what comes back to you.
By Tyrone Garcia

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