Personality Problems

Psych -101

Personality disorders how many people have it? This mental issue is inherited when you are abused young, , abused sexually, mentally, physically beaten or vocally. There was a woman who had several personalities. The women had a personality for, happiness, love, hate, depression, and for manipulating people. When she was being abused by her dad sexually she would cry all night and suffer this created a hateful personality, when she was with her grandpa who treated her nice she would build that personality and on and on went her character building of herself. The mind of this person switches back in forth with having a different name per personality. The person can forget never remembering however in some situations they can remember the two personalities that hang together.. The upbringing of a child has much to do with how they live in the future. Some people can’t accept someone saying they love them they get turned off by it. Some will manipulate good people because they see that as easy way to survive their mental problems and become accepted by using pity.. Most people do things not because there bad, but because they were bought up in a terrible environment including the most important their home.  There are people right now that won’t accept success because they feel that it’s not part of their life. I can relate to that I grow up around drugs, gangs, violence, and crime. I felt that was my life and was fine and normal. I was supposed to be bad and accepted the ignorant mind I carried for many years. Therefore being mentally enslaved to negative stimulus good thing for me I grew up and was saved.  So when judging someone try and listen to their story and theirs lies the truth to the reason there acting so different or being the terrible person they are acting to be there is no such thing as a bad person just bad upbringing..

By Tyrone Garcia..

PSY 215 Kring Oltmanns .abnormal Psycology

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