Music keeps me going.

The sound of music always makes me feel good.  I love to feel happy, I love to feel excited, I love to feel powerful, and I love to feel appreciated. When the music goes out all the love goes out and the gloomy world I live in comes back. I see the phony people and false prophets who preach lies to the people than stab them in the back with fear instead of hope.  I see the greedy capitalistic bosses working us to death. I see my family so far away because the bills are my master and they keep me working. How deep into the whirlpool of debt we have fallen into. I see only a spinning world of incompetent fools who call themselves leaders! Ha leaders of what Satan’s place? How can people be so gratefully happy of a world which chooses war over peace? Homeless over shelter, hunger over food, and death over life. I was born in the fabulous sixties during the assassinations of real leaders who were trying to make a difference. Yes I definitely live in a real shit whole that some of us call “freedom”  I guess you can call it that, but I can say this with much hope. The music in my heart keeps me strong, the music in my mind keeps my sane, and the music in my life keeps my alive and I’m hopeful that one day we may all hear the music.

By Tyrone Garcia.

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