The house by the lake

I use to vacation by myself at beautiful house by the lake. I enjoyed it and felt as I was in heaven. I enjoyed the wildlife and all that came with it. One day a bear was walking in my yard and I became frighten, I said a pray and only hope for the bear to walk away. The bear spotted me and just stared at me. I felt as my life was over and all I can think of is my family who I haven’t seen in awhile, because I wanted to be in my quiet home in the woods. I felt odd that the bear just looked at me and didn’t attack, but the only thing on my mind was my family who I abandon for this quiet little home in the woods. As we both stared at each other like to men ready to fight my phone rang and it was my son asking me how I was doing? Right after the bear walked away. I jumped in my car and went back to the city and invited my family to come enjoy my quiet little house in the woods. The next day as we got up to see the beautiful morning by the lake the bear returned with his family and once I saw him he walked away with them.

By Tyrone Garcia

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