A miracle is coming


Christmas time is here and we are heading towards a miracle. I believe that this Christmas whoever believes and has faith will see Santa show up and give them their wish. The faith we carry within and out is our only hope in life an addition to how we treat others also. This is the Christmas off the good guys, the good people who have given even when they had nothing to give but advice. For many years the good people are always getting the low end of the stick and being abused. The life of a person who has faith I mean that faith you have had for years just waiting for that miracle will come to you this holiday season, but there is a catch! The miracles are for those who lived unconditionally believing that their dream will come true. The bad people are always beating the good people, but are they really? I believe not: for if you carry your cross like Christ did than you will receive paradise like he did, so send out your dreams and wishes for the universe is wide open and listening. And remember one thing our imagination is where life starts and where we start to build or future. The city’s we live in came from someone’s imagination and as we see there are tons of cities all over the world. May everyone have a great month of December and let’s  end 2014 with a bang of good luck….

By Tyrone Garcia may your dreams come alive in 2014.

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