Green Paper

Money a best friend to many and to others a thing we all need. When you really look at it, its only green paper, but a hell of an attraction for many!! people live miserable trying to earn this green paper,some will die over it, family will fight over it, people will drop friends over it, and some will have so much of it they don’t know what to do with it..How ridiculous the human mind can be for we have lived in a debacle of unrealistic mirages that will for ever own our minds and souls. I lean more towards having people as my friends and love ones more important than any money or green paper on the planet. Tonight someone will die or sleep on the streets because they don’t have any. While we sleep comfy and warm we should always think of how others are not as fortunate as we are. The earth is on fire and the people are losing to this green paper called money, for we have forgotten how life should be lived. The smile of a person who was relieved by another is the greatest money you can have. The feeling of goodness is what makes you feel like the real lottery winner.How many will actually leave it all to follow the truth of life and the feeling of real love? Not many, even though we fill the churches every Sunday, we drive by the homeless couple who needs your 10% for a condo in heaven more than that church. I close with this the most richest man in the world cant take his money with him to heaven for in heaven its not needed it shouldn’t be needed here neither…
By Tyrone Garcia

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