A power message

“I’m thinking of a master plan… a plan that will work for me and the world!

I see many things I want to do but the obstacles in front of me can be hard…

But I will fight for what I want and If I don’t get it than I guess

It wasn’t meant to be.  I feel strong. Righteous and full of energy

Spiritual energy the kind of energy that doesn’t get tired it just keeps on going

Perseverance  is my name so don’t underestimate  me I will walk over you and won’t even

flinch, because I’m working on  a master plan that will make my life feel like I’m

The leader of a kingdom or just call me King for I rule with an iron fist.

I’m not mean but every now and then I like to talk smack to keep those in line

Who feel am a fool.  but overall “ I’m a great spiritual light” and in the end” my power is love……….

By Tyrone Garcia

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