A poem

I saw my bills overdue and became worried of my future

I said ‘” oh my God’ what am I to do”

I felt like quicksand was all around me and I was being swallowed up by my own worries

As I was drowning in the pit of pity and fear I paused a moment

I said why am I worried I believe in the powers of the universe.

My thoughts are what have me drowning, so I will think only of the good things.

Suddenly I’m floating upwards and my life has changed the bills have disappeared

I no longer have worries and I feel like I’m floating on air

The swing of life has twisted me into a positive thinking person and everything is great now.

I’m free I’m free of my negative thoughts, for I have seen the truth in my

Thoughts and in my mind and with the power of the universe I created a happy life for myself.

BY Tyrone Garcia

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