Power for living

The best world to live in is the one you build in your own mind’
I walk on sunshine thinking only of my thoughts,for I will create the world I want
I will create everything for God gave me the power to do what I wish.. When Adam ate the apple he created the world of self- will and how we use that will is how we live.I can only speak for self for have lived and died a million times in the world y’all call reality” here’s mine….I’m a poor boy boy from the projects who had dreams I went from Bronx River to Spain, France,Italy, Isreal, Jerulsalem , turkey,Greece, Bethlehem. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and back to the great United States did I leave few maybe I did”” but I guess you all get the picture… life is created by what you want and nothing else, so for all of you drowning in pity take a page from my book and start to believe, for you will travel further in success with thoughts than crying in a pool of tears that will just keep you down….By Tyrone Garcia

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