The misty mind

When walking into the mist of life we have no idea what to expect. We walk and walk frustrated looking for an exit, but the results are he same. We wonder what mistakes have we made that cussed us so much grief as we try to find the exit. We give up on faith and say God isn’t helping. So we walk miserable losing family and friends and wondering why everyone has abandon us. Than something out of the ordinary happens and you awaken your mind and eyes open and you are no longer lost in the mist you find an exit and start walking towards it.Than someone stops you and ask” are you ready to live in faith or fear? you answer faith. Than the mist goes away and your back in the world of problems and grief. You say Hey i said I will live in faith why the same old problem this is no different than the mist? Than the spirit say”yes there is no different, but he who has faith never gives into any obstacle.”

By Tyrone Garcia

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