The Friend Zone

The relationship learning curve in this 21st century man and women friend filled world brings me to a topic I heard from Chris Rock in one of his past shows. The Friend Zone! What is the friend zone? A friend who spend time filling in for someone who isn’t doing the right thing at home. It could be a man being a friend to a lady or a lady being a friend to man. They get along great and you would think there where made for each other, but one of the too is playing stubborn. The problem is some people feel relationships are temporary and don’t want to jeopardize `the friendship, but what happens when that other friend gets tired of just being the love, compassion, and relations adviser and finds a mate that’s interested in them? The other will within a week be lost for she/ he lost the friend anyway to someone else. It’s complicated for we all can be confused with making decisions. The other will say “I’m happy for you” but what happens when the stubborn one doesn’t get that text anymore or that great relationship and attention the old friend was given them? They just gave up for he/ she was more in love with the friend than just being a friend. People today try to be so safe that they are more destructive with building the right relationship because of the past failures they had. However there are friends that do get along and are not interested in each other but usually it’s a different than the friend zone I’m trying to explain. The more a person tries to show interest to the other the less they want to be bothered for they prefer the relationship that is going to make them miserable. It’s like a turnoff to be aggressively good to someone today, but then there crying over the love they have for their lover isn’t as aggressively good with them. This is so ridiculous that what I see is a group of lost souls chasing something that is invincible to them and they need to stop and smell the truth. I think it starts with learning to love you enough to say if he/ she don’t want me I can do better and the stubborn one doesn’t  have to force her/ himself but it might be worth the try.The friend zone makes a good internship for anyone studying counseling  for all you do is answer questions and listens to their problems which by any means is something we should all do for friends anyway. We all need friends of the opposite sex however there is always that problem that one falls in love and what you met was someone looking for a person like you. He/ she knows more about you than anyone which means if they want you your chances of ever losing them in a relationship is almost zero.
By Tyrone Garcia author of the book ” Soap That doesn’t Clean”

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