Obama madness

Everyone is going bananas over the new health care deductions and deductibles. The country is mad at Obama for trying to deliver healthcare to all Americans. The problem is that the rich insurance companies that are already making zillions of dollars are the ones you should be mad at. Obama just delivered to the people what they ask for, but since he’s black is easy to attack him. The United States capitalist society we defend so much is the real culprit here. We have become prisoners to our own country and the constitution is buried somewhere. The government along with the rich is turning middle class in to poor class and eventually we will be the same peasants who fled Europe 500 years ago escaping the monarchy they didn’t believe in. The United States was built on revolution and nothing else. We accept everything they do and just point fingers, but how many people vote or voice their opinion and attack the status quo? Nobody! So for all of you who want to blame Obama for this criminal act by the health insurances think again who’s setting the prices to pay overpriced insurance? We been had America!!! What you going to do? Nothing!!! You just
are going to blame the Black guy…… Instead of the billionaires who really control the world.
By the way it was the Gorge Bush era that killed this country and bankrupts us into writing bad checks. Obama has given Pell grant programs for people, relief from education loans people couldn’t pay, money for housing, and welfare working mothers getting a very nice tax return checks. I believe the only salvation for America is to socialize medicine it works in Europe and may just work here…
By Tyrone Garcia author of the book “ Soap That doesn’t clean”

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