Rejection what is it? a smack in the face, old age, young age, ugly, fat, skinny, white, black, What? All maybe, but to be rejected is a downfall for anybody. In my psychology class I learned that depression from rejection is worse than depression from a death of a family member. The feeling keeps the mind thinking why?  The problem I see is that people expect too much from each other. Expectations kill. The other problem is when you do everything you can to win someone over they feel worried of something wrong happening. They are so use to living in struggle that they prefer the struggle over the good person. The human mind likes to feel pain as dumb as this may sound it does. The scars of the past have much to do with why people can’t adjust to newer and better things. I remember when young  many of  the women loved being with the guys who weren’t going anywhere the tuff looking guy who can’t do anything, but sounds tuff than runs out on his family either  through jail or just gets tired of being responsible. The same for men chasing a girl that just won’t budge, but for some reason you think she will. That is no different than the alcoholic who thinks he/ she can drink without getting drunk. Life is crazy enough but we are all part of the pain of growth and everyday living. The most amazing couple I saw one time was having fun, they weren’t that good looking, but they held on to each other like it was their last day together. I guess the time in our lives has to learn to reject the rejecter and just go with who accepts you. The one you don’t want may well be the best pick you ever made. You will not buy a car that will never start, so don’t waste your time with people who don’t want to start with you. Learn first to love yourself no matter how you look, because the real hot  looks of a person is inside not out.

By Tyrone Garcia.

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