A thought…

To dream is to live, to worry is to waste time.to love is to have fun and to be fake is to fall in the abyss of falsehood. We sometimes fall to he lies of everyday life and forget to use our own logic and faith. The most important weapon towards depression of daily struggles  we have is the imagination. The thoughts and dreams we bring to our minds can keep us well motivated to go forward and dismiss the present struggle. We should all do something about our problems, but we should not  get depressed over them. For we are the creators of our own downfalls or successes! How many people just stop living life when the problems overwhelm them? Many.I do understand that we have to do something but we don’t have to lose our minds or dignity over the problem neither. Life is a 15 round boxing match if we are standing at the end we actually won the battle. If we lay down and get counted out we’re  gone. I kind of see life like a New York Jet football  game every time they get ready to score and try to win the game, they throw an interception. But they keep on fighting till the end. That is all we can do is fight till the end.

By Tyrone Garcia…author of the book ‘ Soap that doesn’t clean”

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